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Bogyoke Market Experience

Within the 5 days that I was in Yangon, Myanmar, I didn’t have a chance to roam around like how I did in Singapore. The only time I went out was when my colleague, Jon, took me to the 50th Street Bar, and when I braved the Bogyoke Market alone to buy the souvenirs. No way I’d break what I had practiced in my past travels, that is to buy souvenirs by hook or by crook.

Bogyoke Market

After I bought the souvenir keychains, jade bracelets, postcards and shirts, I met two kids on my way out asking me to buy more postcards.




They were 10 and 11 years old. My bad I couldn’t recall their names anymore. Anyway, they showed me the way to the Restaurant, so I invited them to join me but they only ordered ice cream, saying they already had lunch. Such beautiful and well mannered kids. So instead of buying whatever items they were selling, I gave them money. Both kids speak good English, but they said they never went to school. They learned English by selling fans and postcards at Bogyoke Market. Met their parents, too! What an experience!

They asked for my contact numbers and told me when they grow up with decent jobs, they will call me. 🙂

Though I didn’t see beautiful places during my visit to Yangon, sure I did meet beautiful people including of those who we deal with work wise.

Here’s wishing that one day, I’ll get to meet them again!



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