Born With A Sweeth Tooth

I find it impossible to resist a bag of chocolates, or a slice of choco moist cake, and even a can of regular Coke. I’m sure it’s not about my appetite. My genes could be to blame. Or was I born with a sweet tooth? Either one of these justifications, I know for a fact that I have to be careful as diabetes is in the family history. Unfortunately, both sides – maternal and paternal side.

I remember on my 8th month of pregnancy, my OB told me to watch my diet, especially my rice in take. I’m a rice person too! I couldn’t pass a day without having rice. During those times, I prefer it served just before midnight. No wonder, simply because I was pregnant! I had an excuse. But now? Just lately, I’m watching my diet. No. Not the rice. Just the sweets. LOL! Seriously, this is because two of my lovedones suffered and died because of diabetes. I’m prone to having it, that was what the doctor told me when I had a general check up sometime ago.

Who doesn’t want to get healthy? OF course, I definitely want to get healthy. I try to lessen the “sweets” that I eat. Well, sometimes I grab a piece big piece when no one is looking. That is why I started looking for snack bites that taste like sugar, at least something you know…. So far I got tons of returns from Google and considering of getting trying Emerald Forest products. We’ll see… I don’t wanna promise, but I’ll try… Hahaha!

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