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Mom & I plan to add more fittings in our bathrooms. In fact, we have already checked shower fittings, the hand held ones in few shops 2 weeks ago. The only problem now is finding someone who will do it for us.

I remember, when we just transferred to the apartment my kids & I are staying now. I called a plumber through the ads we saw outside the neighborhood. He looks okay but after fixing the faucet, it looked to me that he didn’t wanna leave the house yet. He went on with his stories, stories that we didn’t even ask him to tell us. I’m so lucky that my uncle who is the owner of the apartment was also in our house that time. We secretly looked at each other, and started doubting that guy and finally found the chance to give an excuse that I had to go somewhere else for some errands and that’s how he left the house. From then on we never called that guy again.

From day 1 that my husband came, he wanted to add some bathroom fittings like shower and a water heater but I’m worried of getting someone we do not know. I’m still on the look out of a good and trusted plumber. These days it’s not easy too call in someone you certainly do not know. *sigh*

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