Awarded by my Vannie and Arlene. Thanks sisters!

Arlene says:

Mitch – she is a very long time online friend that started before i begin blogging.  Her blogs inspired me to try blogging too.  Her thoughts and stories are very interesting.  She is a very long time online friend that until now, we still didn’t have the chance to meet.

Vannie says:

Mitch – Because she was the one who inspires me to write as well. She’s also really nice and a genuine friend. Even though we’ve never actually met in person, I can tell she’s down to earth, intelligent and true. Her adorable daughter and their stories are a bonus!

I met both of them through Kuro Forum, a Filipino online community that I moderate. Please allow me to award them back this Brilliante Award…

Arlene > I met her before Vannie. That was 5 years ago. I was new to Kuro and Arlene was the first one to welcome me. I had no idea how the User Panel and all work. Arlene was online at that time so I sent her a private message and asked for some help. She replied right away and that was the start of it. We began chatting everyday, until we found out that her someone special is also from my hubby’s hometown. That added a special bond to our friendship. It felt like we would never run out of topics each day hahaha! We had already exchanged gifts through Mr. Postman. We first exchanged coins and stamps hahaha! Then later followed by souvenirs, and now she’d always send my daughter a pack of trinkets whenever she could. Sweet eh! If there’s one thing that is still missing in our friendship, well, we haven’t met in person as yet hahaha! To you sis, thanks for the friendship. I mean it!

Vannie > I met Vannie 3 years ago through the same forum where I met Arlene. That was during the time when I was still pregnant with Derelle. I moderate the Mom Zone section where Vannie had first posted about her pregnancy with Ozzy. Being first time moms, we felt like there were so many things that had to talk about. Just like Arlene, we began chatting and shared some first time mommy tips. I’m sure there’s more to chat about these coming days especially that we both see each other online now during wee hours – chatting with our husbands who have tried their luck miles away from us. I hope to see you some day so that Ozzy and Deye could play. Di kaya binata’t dalaga na sila nun. Hmmmm pwede! Hahaha!

Feng > Oh this girl? She’s also a baliw like me hahaha! We don’t chat on YM on a regular basis but we do exhange comments and sometimes these comments are as good as blog entries already wahahaha! We both use email responder and each time one comment, it does not end there. We would continue our “chismisan” through emails hahaha! I just love this girl! I’m sure we’d get along better once we met in person. Hay sana malapit na! EB! EB!

Amore > My ever patient blog host. Met her through Feng. Our friendship has started all because of blog hosting. Just like these 3 ladies above, we also got so many things in common, hmmmmm alam mo na yun sis hehe! Sana magkita din tayo someday, mas maganda kung sa US di ba teehee! I wish you a safe delivery sis, lapit na din. At naunahan mo talaga ako!

I know this award is about Brillante Award and not about how the friendship had started. But I guess I never told them yet how much I appreciate the friendship that we have now. Even if we haven’t met in person yet, I don’t consider it a virtual friendship any longer.

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There you go ladies! It’s your turn to make someone smile. 🙂 And it’s time for me to check on this fractional ownership. Hehe!

Mitch Carvalho

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