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Broken Promises

Like the rest, I grew up with a grandmother around. She was with us since the day I was born. She’s more than a grandmother to me. She was my savior, as always.

I have mentioned in my previous entry, that I used to have a problem with my eating habits. I’m so into junk food. She would always save me from being scolded just because I didn’t finish my meal. When my parents are not looking, she would quietly remove half amount of the rice my mother served me. My mother would then think that I ate them all hehehe! That’s just one of the few things.

Year 2003. I went home for a month vacation. That was the last time that I saw her, alive. Every time I leave for Bahrain again, she would tell and promise me “Wag ka ng umiyak ‘neng, magkikita pa tayo, hihintayin ko pa ang apo ko sayo”. And I would response, “O sige po, wag kayong makulit at magpasaway ha? Bawal ang kape. Promise, iuuwi ko ang apo niyo, malapit na.”

Year 2004. Just before months I got married (at the age of 28), she passed away. I wanted to postpone the wedding and go home to see her wake. But my parents said, she won’t mind if you go ahead, besides it was planned before she even died. You know this belief that it’s not good to get wed when somebody just died in the family.

At that moment, those words she last uttered were lingering in my mind…. I could still hear her saying those things to me. I just cried and cried and cried, helpless… The only thing I could do was (overseas) call home and send financial support for her, for the last time.

Obviously, we both broke our promises. (If) She could’ve waited for me and Deye especially. (If) I could’ve given her a grandchild earlier… If only… Then, maybe there would be no broken promises.

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