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Brush It Up!

What to consider before you buy a brush? I don’t know, really…. If I like the style and design, I go ahead and buy it.

I’ve read from Good Housekeeper magazine that:

The longer the hair, the bigger the brush. Why? Although shorter hair is more easily controlled with a smaller brush, long hair usually gets tangled up in one. Plus, longer hair benefits from the added volume created by a larger brush.

How it handles? Look for a lightweight brush with a comfortable grip.

Additional tip? Round brush with boar bristles are good for straightening hair.

Guess I bought the right one for me…

What about you? What do you consider when buying the right brush for your hair? Or do you even use one? I meant… maybe you’d prefer a comb heehee!

Hmmmm… let’s get this one moving again! I’ll be tagging three mommies ladies for now, and it’s up to you if you want to pass it around. If you do, please leave some love or link your post to this one… Feel free to create the rules for this one.

The first 3 are Arlene, Vannie and Ruth.

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