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Busy Monday

What’s new? Monday is the busiest day of each week anyway. But today was a different day, I had to be in two places trying hard not to neglect my work and mommy duties at the same time.

As usual, I didn’t have sleep. I went to bed early but didn’t sleep.  At half past 2am, I was still reading a pocket book when bunso started to cry. When I touched her, she was hot. Grabbed the thermometer immediately and checked her temp. It was 37.8. Last Wednesday, it was Ate Deye who was sick.  So I was thinking she got it from her.

From then on, this poor mommy never got the chance to at least sit down. God knows how many times I sang the “Agua Bendita” theme song “Malayo Pa Ang Umaga”, with matching sways and swings just to keep bunso comfortable. Well, I still didn’t succeed. At 5:30 a.m. I texted mom and told her to come early coz I still have to take a bath and bunso won’t let me put her down even for 5 minutes. Plus when I checked Ate Deye, she was also nursing a fever! My golly! I couldn’t believe that this is happening!

Few minutes later, Mom came and she still saw us dancing to the tune of “Agua Bendita” theme song. I have no idea what’s with the song but it seems like it soothes her best.

As soon as she came, I went for a quick bath, got myself ready, sent a message to the school bus not to pick up Deye. Left the house at 7:30 a.m. with a list of all the things I need to do at work in mind.

The very first email I read wasn’t so good that ruined my day. But anyway, that’s part of the job. At around 10a.m., I received a message from my mom that they took the girls to a “hilot” and found out that bunso sprained her shoulders, thus, the fever. But then what panicked us was when she vomited right after she drank her milk. Right there and then, I left the office, gone home and took her to her Pedia. Dra. Tan suggested that we do a urinalysis for her, just to make sure it’s not UTI or anything else.

To cut the story short, mom tried taking her urine sample and only succeeded later this evening. I asked my cousin to take the sample to the lab right away and he’ll get the results tomorrow. *fingers crossed it’s not UTI*

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