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Took her out yesterday and went to M1 and Centro, they’re on sale so what do you expect? I’ve been looking for Hello Kitty bedroom slippers for her but couldn’t find one, so when I saw the one she’s wearing in this photo, I asked her to try it on and she did right away! I got it for Php189.00 only. After a while I saw her taking another pair and put it in the basket. Oh my! Of course, I kept it back hehehe!

Then, there were dresses ranging from Php50-100. That blue dress was only Php89.00, cute eh? I got her two dresses, Php89 each. Not bad huh?

When it was time to go home, she saw her new friend “Jollibee” and to my surprise she said “Mama, eat pench fyies and chicken, pleaseeeeeee!” Ooooops! How can you resist a request like that? Alright! Your wish is my command….


Mitch Carvalho

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