Meet my little Chef and beautiful Photographer  for yesterday’s Career Week at school.

So far, both have been consistent at what they want to become in the future. Each time I spend time in the kitchen preparing our meals, my youngest would always ask if she could help and do the rest of what I still have to do. 

She has shown interest in cooking ever since and even dreams of putting up her own coffee shop in the future serving her own freshly-baked cakes and pastries.

While my eldest has been helping me out with my Instagram photos, mostly were photographed by her, and directs majority of our photo shoots anywhere and everywhere we can.

I have nothing against at what they want to pursue in the future, and just give my full support to the best that I can. I let them be, and expose them to anything that would enhance their skills.

By the way, the Chef’s uniform was a ready made costume bought from our local market at Php650/set minus the chef’s toque and footwear that she already has. I just bought the material for the toque and made it from scratch. While my eldest’s is an effortless one, only needing a camera and a little dig from my closet!

I need a pat on the back for being able to produce their outfits with just a day notice.

Mitch Carvalho

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