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When I’m in need of money, I always take a cash advance from my employer. But they’ve been very strict lately that I could not get an advance anymore, as some of the employees have misused and taken advantage of it.

Now that we are in need of cash (as always), we could not rely on getting or even request cash advance from my employer anymore. You might be wondering why the hell do we need money all the time? Aside from our daily expenses, this time it’s for something else. We are actually taking the risk of migrating to “somewhere else” and would need a lot of money for that.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this and this time we both agreed that we should go ahead and find our luck somewhere else.

When someone told me about payday loans, I knew our problem will be solved. At least we have another option. Rather than applying for a bank loan that needs a lot of documents to be processed. With payday loans there are 3 minimum requirements to get your loan application approved:

You’ve got to be employed for at least 3 consecutive months > Well, I’ve been employed in the same company for 8 years now.

You should be earning at least $1,00 per month >>>> Shhhh, don’ tell anyone hahaha!

You should have a valid checking account open for at least 3 months > I’m sure my checking accounts are valid. *wink*

But I’m not depending on this, all I’m saying is at least we have now another option if worst comes to worst.

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