Perfect Christmas Gift Idea

If you are still thinking of a perfect gift idea this Christmas, why not give your best and look super generous by giving away these quality customized perfumes from Belle Âme Essentials. You get to choose your most favorite scent available on their list, have your friends and lovedones’ names printed on it, and make them feel special without having to spend a fortune. Below costs only Php250 (50ml) in CK Escape scent, in an elegant bottle packed in a Clear PVC box. Too bad, I wasn’t able to take a photo before the clear box disappeared. Excited eh? Just trust me, it looks more gorgeous and presentable in its clear box.

They’ll love you more for especially getting them customized special gifts, while you can call it an effortless effort simply because you didn’t have to do anything except from placing an order, and well, yeah, spending a little. 

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Here’s How This Couple Flew Around the World in a Private Bed Using Airline Miles

This is a guest post:

All I wanted was to know the answer to one really simple question that most of us have probably thought ourselves at one time or another: How many points does it take to fly for free in first class?

I had never been all that into collecting flying points, nor did I particularly know what that even meant. But I would watch people board first class on the flights I rode coach and I would feel a small sense of envy. I wanted to do that, too, and I wanted to do it for free.

This curiosity led me to a simple Google search. Since that Google search, my wife and I have flown around the world 6 times in some of the most amazing cabins the sky has to offer.

The best part? I did it for free.

The single best first class experience I have ever encountered is with Singapore Airlines. Their Suites class, which can run you around $9,000, will cost you only $500 out of pocket if you save your flying miles like I do.

We are going to focus on Singapore for a number of reasons — though the main one is that few others compare. Not only do Suites customers receive complimentary Givenchy pajamas, but you’ll be sipping some of the finest champagne that the world has to offer before your flight even takes off. 

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PMAP Holds Asia Pacific HR Best Practices Forum

The People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP), in partnership with Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management (APFHRM),will holdthe “Asia Pacific HR Best Practices Forum”at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila on April 6, 2017.

The APFHRM is an organization with membership from different human resource associations from different countries within the Asia Pacific region and one of its members, PMAP, will hostthis year’s forum about Human Resource’s best practices in building and sustain global competitiveness. Global HR Leaders will convene to talk about practical development and actionable strategies needed by members into their respective work places. 

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How to make your nursing scrubs look fashionable

We all like to look as good as possible especially when we’re at work.  If you go to work feeling your best it is likely to increase your confidence and also your productivity because you’re not worrying about your appearance so much.  However, if you work in a profession like nursing, a work uniform is likely to be compulsory and all choice therefore eradicated.

Although having a uniform might help with decision making in the morning, and eliminate stress, it can also start to feel restrictive and affect your self-esteem.  You might not be able to change your uniform but here are a few tips on how to make the scrubs look work for you.

Get the Right Fit. Just like your everyday wardrobe, choosing a uniform that fits you well is important especially for your confidence.  There are usually a variety of fits available to choose from so pick the one that is closest to your natural size.  However, if you’re doing work experience as part of your online nursing program you might not be aware of any restrictions so remember your uniform still needs to be practical; don’t go for anything too tight if you have to do a lot of lifting, bending or stretching as part of your role.  Emphasizing your waist is a great way to make the scrubs appear to fit better as it is the narrowest part of the body so it’s a good idea to choose this option if it feels comfortable for you. 

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Get a grip on your mobile phone

Mobile phones these days are getting so light and thin.

1-horzKeeping a grip is really a challenge. Sometimes, we lose our grip, drop our phones and when it hit the pavement that’s when you realized that having a cracked screen is not funny at all. Hard cases to the rescue!!! But these cases have become a trend that they also get too expensive.

Thanks to the geniuses who have invented phone grips and rings! It has somehow solved the issue of keeping a grip on our portable devices/gadgets. 

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