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    Day 2: Family Staycation at Whiterock Beach Hotel, Subic, Zambales

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    Before we ended our Day 1, we all agreed to wake up as early as 6am the next day so we could see the breathtaking beauty of the whole place and click photos, start the day early and stuff ourselves with heavy breakfast, and then have some more fun!!

    By the way, my 9 y/o daughter vlogged about our stay at the resort. Too bad, they lost some of the detailed clips when they were actually trying to edit, so please bear with it.

    Below photos really made me smile. Don’t you think we can make a great social media team??! Yeah, we’re a team!! A mommy blogger, young vlogger, an aspiring teen photographer, and a very supportive husband/father.

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    Day 1: Family Staycation at Whiterock Beach Hotel, Subic, Zambales

    Ever taken for granted the resorts nearby ‘coz all you ever wanted was to try the trending places that were just posted and shared by your friends on social media? I kind of regretted the moment my happy and excited feet stepped on Whiterock Beach Hotel + Waterpark premises. “Bakit ngayon lang kami nagpunta dito?” Even my husband asked me “Why you never booked this place each time we plan for an outing?

    So there, finally we did! On January 5, just in time when my husband is on vacation, we booked the Beachside Deluxe for an overnight stay and tagged my mom along with us, and her eldest sister who was also visiting our place that week. 

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    Tips When Flying With Kids

    Flying with kids over a vacation or holiday get-away seems to be stressful for many. The first scenario that plays in their mind is the crying, whining, and all the other mood-related tantrums that a kid may do during the plane trip. In this article, I will be sharing with you tips on how you could make the most out of your flying adventure without having to worry of too much stress.

    Read the airline policies as regards the children passengers There may be specific sections there that might require your attention such as the child-related equipment that you might bring with you, the allowed area of seats, and all other documents. Making sure that you comply with these would, of course, save you from a lot of hassle.

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    The Must-Pack Essentials For Your Family Vacation

    Deciding what to pack when taking the whole family on vacation can be a bit tricky, especially when you have children of different ages to accommodate. There are, however, some essential items that need to be packed other than the obvious selection of appropriate clothing and accessories. Some essential items are easier to remember than others, but all will be missed if you forget them.

    I.D and official paperwork Double check you have all the passports needed for your trip. Even if you aren’t traveling abroad, photo I.D. is a must, as hotels and other accommodations usually require it when checking in. If you are hiring a car, ensure your driver’s license is in your bag, or pocket before you set off on your journey. It is advisable to thoroughly research in advance the official paperwork and I.D. required for the destination you are traveling to, and the airports and airlines you will be using during your trip.