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    Are Old Parenting Filipino Practices and Beliefs Worth Reviving?

    I became a mom for the first time 12 years ago, at the age of 30. At that time, I heard and actually followed (and still following) some of the old practices and beliefs that the older generation practiced for years. Here are some of the practices that I grew up with and am aware of:

    Photo from Unsplash
    Photo from Unsplash

    Po and Opo. Children are taught to say “po” and “opo”  whether you are related or not. It is a must to insert these words in every sentence that you use when talking to elders. Unfortunately, my children hasn’t practiced this that much as their first language was English. However, I always remind them about it and they actually do when they remember. 

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    Saving Mistakes You’re Probably Making

    If you’re trying to save, be it for a new home or a lavish holiday, yet you are failing to reach your goals, you are probably worrying where you are going wrong. Saving isn’t as easy as putting away the money you have spare every month. You need to have a plan. With that in mind, read on to discover the saving mistakes you are probably making.

    Not having a plan – One of the biggest mistakes people make is failing to have a savings plan. If you don’t have a plan, you won’t be able to save effectively. You need to determine how much money you have coming in every month, and how much money you have going out. If you’re spending a greater amount than you earn, this is the first problem you need to address. You have to look for ways to make savings, from cancelling subscriptions to calling up your utility company. Once you have done this, you need to determine how much money is left over every month. Set aside a realistic amount for living expenses, and then you will be able to determine how much you can save every month. By having a structured plan in place, you will save more effectively. You will also find it much easier too. 

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    Invisible Money Saving Challenge

    I suck at money saving practices, and my husband knows that very well. I tend to splurge on things that we don’t need at times, then later on realize the bad effect that it brings to our monthly budget.

    Just last month, I started on this Invisible Money Challenge after I saw a post online about the girl who managed to save Php42,000. The drill was she treated all the 50s as invisible and kept them safely.

    I just feel that 50s would be a big challenge for me so I started with 10s and 5s only. Every grocery and market trips, I end up having bunch of coins, and keeping them in a coin purse makes my hand bag a lot heavier. So I thought this will be a good start for this money challenge. Just in time, I saw a cute coin bank in LPG shape in one of the coffee shops we visited last month. So there, immediately, the challenge began… 

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    Don’t Forget These Crucial Details When Starting A Home Building Project

    Whether you’ve decided to build a home from scratch or you have some extension work that you want doing to it, starting any kind of building project is a pretty serious undertaking. It’s often the kind of thing that many people wish they could do but they don’t really know how to get started or what it would really involve. After all, it’s often such a large project that even getting started on the planning stages can seem rather overwhelming. However, it’s not nearly as impossible as it might seem. Oh sure, it’s definitely going to be a challenge, and you’d better be ready for your fair share of frustrations now and then, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth doing. To help you avoid too much difficulty, here are a few things that you need to think about when planning a home building project.


    Time One of the most common mistakes that a lot of people make when they start any kind of ambitious project, whether it’s a DIY project or something involving professional contractors, is that they seriously underestimate just how long it’s going to take. After all, if you’re trying to do something as ambitious as building a home or even just creating an extension, it’s going to take a pretty long time. Not only that but they make the mistake of only over thinking about the best case scenario when it comes to their time frame. It’s important to remember that there are always things that can go wrong in any project. Whether it’s accidents, weather problems, or simply incorrect scheduling, there’s no chance that a job is always going to run 100% smoothly. Because of that, it’s always best to overestimate how long a project is going to take.