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    How Music Can Help You With Drug Recovery

    Music is not only a point of entertainment. Music is a healer. For ages now experts have said that music therapy is one of the most helpful therapies there is in the world. Imagine how your day starts when the first thing you hear on the radio is your favorite song. Your day brightens up. Now imagine how it feels after a long day and you are from work and on your journey home, you listen to a countdown of some of your favorite jams. That feeling is usually too good to be over. There are different genres of music ranging from the classics to the hard stuff to even the love songs, cultural songs, and religious song. According to the kind of music that you like listening to then you can get fulfillment from it.

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    How to Cope When a Family Member Has An Addiction

    Your family is a group of people who you are able to rely on and get support from even the most difficult of circumstances. So, when someone you love is able to admit that they have an addiction problem, it is your time to step up and help them through to the other side in whatever ways possible, because they deserve to have a life full of happiness that isn’t defined by substance abuse. However, just because you want to help a family member through this doesn’t automatically mean that you will know how to, especially if you have no prior experience with being around an addict before. To help you out, this guide will walk you through some practical advice of what you can do to help the person you love overcome their addiction and get on the road to long-term, sustained recovery. 

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    Cosmetics Dentistry Procedure on Chipped Teeth

    It was around July last year when my daughter, Ishi, met with an accident at school and chipped her two front permanent teeth, which at that time had just grown. See image here of last year, while the below image was taken just before the procedure.

    A year later, when she’s already ready for the procedure, we once again contacted and visited Dra. Maggie Santos of Oradent Oral Care Dental Clinic, located at Baraca, Subic, Zambales

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    “Beautiful Smile, Here I Come!” – says Ishi

    It was in the same month of last year when my youngest, Ishi, met with an accident at school and broke her two front permanent teeth. See image here.

    I’m just so glad that Dra. Maggie Santos of Oradent Oral Care Dental Clinichas been very accommodating and hands-on to my daughter’s dental requirements (she’s been taking care of my family’s teeth ever since we moved to Subic), and able to monitor if she would need to do a root canal, as her gums were too swollen and bleeding, and had pockets which would put her in pain at that time.

    I guess my daughter was lucky that she would only undergo Cosmetics Dentistry, and that’s going to happen very #soon!

    Watch out for updates on YouTube | “Beautiful smile, here I come!”