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    Captain Shield: A New Cement Waterproofing for Long-Term Protection

    If you see water stains that extend across your ceilings or drops down the walls, then it is probably a leaky roof, which is normally present and seen in old houses. In the Philippines, we only have two seasons, Summer and Rainy Seasons, and none of these is my favorite. I hate it when it gets too hot, and all the more irritates me to see water stains run across the walls during rainy seasons. The worst part is that we are all girls at home so no one can actually do this dirty job for us unless I call and pay an expert to do it.

    But did you know that Davco has launched their brand-new product line for cement waterproofing, Captain Shield, which is intended to deliver long-term protection with more lasting structures?

    Captain Shield is a product of Davco, which was recently acquired by the Swiss company Sika, equipped with “WaterGuard” technology creating a protective layer that blocks water and prevents the sulfate-chloride attack.

    Having a “WaterGuard” Technology shows three main benefits including the lessening of water absorption; preventing steel bar corrosion, and reducing chances of concrete porosity. The product is also easy to use and economical, has no effect on concrete strength and setting time, and it’s compatible with all types of cement. Just perfect for the girls’ bedroom walls that we’ve recently repainted. We are seeing water stains in some corners of the rooms, which made the paint bubbled. 

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    How To Get Your Kids Clean Their Bedroom

    Getting the kids to do household chores these days is harder, as they are always hooked with their gadgets and some other things they tend to remember doing just when other chores assigned to them are due.

    I have two girls, and it is just right to teach them as early as now. Despite growing up with a house-helper around them, they know that they need to get their asses up and work on stuff, otherwise, they also know what’s going to happen. You see, I can be the coolest mom on earth but at the same time, I can be a monster mom they don’t want to see.

    girls' bedroom

    We do not force them to wash the dishes, nor clean the whole house but at least start from where they keep their personal stuff and that, of course, “their bedroom”. Early this year, we had their bedroom renovated that left them with no choice but to maintain it as how I have already organized it, otherwise… So how do I make them do it?

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    3 Steps for Turning Your Home into a Comfortable Retreat

    When you think of “home” you probably think something like “warm, relaxing place” or” the place where I can walk around without wearing pants.”

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    Ideally, our homes are supposed to be something like comfortable retreats, where we can get away from the stresses and irritations of everyday life, and really let our hair down, recover, and feel our best.

    Our homes are also the environments where we typically interact with some of the people nearest and dearest to us in our lives. This includes our relatives and our partners.

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    Personalized Sherpa Blanket, Perfect Gift For Loved Ones

    Choosing gifts for loved ones could sometimes be exhausting, especially when that someone has got almost everything in life. I am a fan of personalized stuff, therefore, choosing gifts and deciding what to give has never been a problem for me. Even when I receive personalized gifts, it’s like heaven to me. The fact that so much time and effort was given to have that gift produced is already something to me.

    So if you are looking for something to give to your loved ones on any occasion, I strongly suggest that you pick something that is useful. Something that could last for years like this personalized Sherpa blanket from collage.com that was sent to me a few months ago. You can even help them create a meaningful and memorable keepsake with a unique touch. I bet whoever receives this kind will forever remember you.