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    How to Cope When a Family Member Has An Addiction

    Your family is a group of people who you are able to rely on and get support from even the most difficult of circumstances. So, when someone you love is able to admit that they have an addiction problem, it is your time to step up and help them through to the other side in whatever ways possible, because they deserve to have a life full of happiness that isn’t defined by substance abuse. However, just because you want to help a family member through this doesn’t automatically mean that you will know how to, especially if you have no prior experience with being around an addict before. To help you out, this guide will walk you through some practical advice of what you can do to help the person you love overcome their addiction and get on the road to long-term, sustained recovery.

    Getting them the help they need

    First of all, while your support will be invaluable to them, if you are trying to help someone with an addiction, you will need to accept they need to be in the care of professionals for a time. One option that works for many people is to go into a residential halfway house for addiction recovery, where medical professionals can help them right through from their intimal detox and into an outpatient program.

    What are the benefits?

    Helping your loved one to make a commitment to a treatment such as this will help to prevent their chance of relapsing in the future and help them to build a strong foundation to work up from once they return home.

    Don’t forget:

    One thing you need to remember throughout this whole process is that, while you are not the one in addiction recovery, you need to be taking care of yourself as well. One of the reasons why family counseling is important for everyone is because it will help you to process what has happened. When someone you love is going through a hard time, it is all too easy to push your own feelings aside to prioritize your family member, but this will only cause more problems in the long run. Make sure you take breaks and have time for yourself as and when needed in order to fully process what is happening in a healthy way.

    Understanding Addiction

    A final thing that will help you and your family collectively manage this journey together is taking the time to better understand what addiction is. Ask questions, and do your research online. Not only will this help you all to be supportive of the family member going through the addiction, but it will also help you to be more sympathetic towards their struggles and understand their behavior.

    Being there for someone who is overcoming an addiction is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. Just remember to enlist the help of professionals and take care of yourself in the process too.

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    On Encouraging Your Shy Child To Socialize

    This has been my question for the past 8 years “How do you encourage your shy child to step out of her comfort zone?

    Looking back at how my eldest was, I never thought we will go through this stage where I’d worry about her so much. She used to be a people person during her first 4 years but 8 years ago, there was a sudden change where she wouldn’t talk to whoever she is not familiar with, that included her classmates and teachers.

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    Happiness Is A Choice

    Someone I know quoted and posted ” Bakit ang hirap maging masaya?” Why is it hard to be happy? For someone so young who just started a family, it’s a heavy statement. I had to message her and make her feel better. I’ve learned through the years, and now believe that happiness is a choice so choose to be happy!

    Most of us do not understand happiness maybe because we were taught that it is something that’s supposed to make us feel good – all the time. It’s not always the case, you know. Sometimes, we feel happier by just being happy for someone else despite the pain that it gets to us. Dapat masaya ka pa din kahit masakit na.

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    5 Components of Supply Chain Management

    Supply Chain Management is basically the overseeing of a product from beginning to end. From the very beginning when it is merely raw materials to the finished product, supply chain management is all about the journey. Strong communication and problem-solving are essential to successful supply chain management teams and can make or break a company. Some companies elect to outsource tasks to professionals that have already set up teams that are skilled in these areas to take over the supply chain process. Sheffield Group is an example of a team that is with you every step of the process with a team that is skilled in bringing companies from an idea to a revenue-generating machine.