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    Important Considerations for Raising a Kid Around Modern Technology

    Being a parent can feel a bit tough nowadays with the extra burden of technology looming over your shoulders. A kid can just pick up a tablet and get online, instantly able to interact with numerous people and their creations. And while this can certainly be a great thing when the child has proper mentoring on how to use it all, leaving a young one unattended for too long can have disastrous results. It’s important to know what you should be prepared for, and how to deal with the common issues that you’re going to face.

    Social Media and Online Interactions Your kids will be able to connect to multiple people with great ease, and that’s a fact you’ll have to get used to as early as possible. You won’t be able to stop those communications from occurring, but what you can do is teach your kids about the dangers of sharing too much with people online. We’re raising a generation of kids that see no issue with spreading their real name, address and other data all over the Internet, and this is a ticking time bomb that can lead to some serious problems in the very near future.

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    What’s Your Skincare Night Routine?

    What’s your skincare night routine? I’ll say it again, I’ve never been bothered about my skin and looks until wrinkles and lines became visible on my face. Too late, I know, but I believe I can still do something about it.

    Thankful for these Korean products that are now available in the market, combined with correct beauty tools. Let me share with you my skincare night routine:

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    My Bela Laser Experience at Skin Desyre San Marcelino, Zambales Branch

    Thanks Ate Emz for today’s treatment!

    “Let your confidence be stronger than your doubts.” I have been meaning to have my underarms treated but never had the courage to do so. Its discoloration and chicken skin started showing up after I had given birth to my youngest who is now 9 years old.  Underarm darkening is often linked to pregnancy but in my case, my underarms weren’t able to recover from it. Apart from that, I am guessing that regular shaving or plucking are just a few of the causes.

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    HIS & HERS: Good Things Come in Pairs

    There’s a thin line between the idea of being thoughtful and practical when choosing the perfect gift for couples. Striking a balance can be a real challenge.

    You have to consider their shared interests and make sure that you pick up something neither of them owns. Novuhair is here to help you decide and make the process simpler.