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    Good Buy from Lazada Midyear Sale

    I promise I didn’t buy anything unuseful from the recently Lazada midyear sale. One of them was this lunch box that I have been wanting to buy but couldn’t find the perfect match to my liking. The size is bigger than what I was expecting, and that’s great!


    No, I am not into bento baon making ‘coz I know I cannot keep up until the end of the school year, but I have been looking for something with partitions so that the dishes won’t mix with each other.

    So there, I patiently searched for it during the Lazada midyear sale and luckily found this one with lunch bag included.

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    Captain Shield: A New Cement Waterproofing for Long-Term Protection

    If you see water stains that extend across your ceilings or drops down the walls, then it is probably a leaky roof, which is normally present and seen in old houses. In the Philippines, we only have two seasons, Summer and Rainy Seasons, and none of these is my favorite. I hate it when it gets too hot, and all the more irritates me to see water stains run across the walls during rainy seasons. The worst part is that we are all girls at home so no one can actually do this dirty job for us unless I call and pay an expert to do it.

    But did you know that Davco has launched their brand-new product line for cement waterproofing, Captain Shield, which is intended to deliver long-term protection with more lasting structures?

    Captain Shield is a product of Davco, which was recently acquired by the Swiss company Sika, equipped with “WaterGuard” technology creating a protective layer that blocks water and prevents the sulfate-chloride attack.

    Having a “WaterGuard” Technology shows three main benefits including the lessening of water absorption; preventing steel bar corrosion, and reducing chances of concrete porosity. The product is also easy to use and economical, has no effect on concrete strength and setting time, and it’s compatible with all types of cement. Just perfect for the girls’ bedroom walls that we’ve recently repainted. We are seeing water stains in some corners of the rooms, which made the paint bubbled. 

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    On Getting Insured

    If you are a provider or breadwinner in the family, you badly need to get yourself covered! You’ve got to safeguard yourself and your loved one’s future through personal accident insurance which can support you through disability or death due to an accident.

    Just recently, I got myself into a minor car accident and if it wasn’t for the screaming students who had witnessed when my car dragged the steel barrier resting on the ground, I wouldn’t know. All I thought was I drove over onto something like rocks or bumps but never thought that it has already damaged my bumper and left foglight.

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    #BestEverLife with Joy Dishwashing Liquid

    Tambak na hugasin makes one’s kitchen messy, plus the annoying oil build up that sometimes decides to stick to your pans and pots,  and kids’ lunch boxes overtime, it just takes so much of your precious time. So imagine if you do not have the perfect dishwashing liquid like Joy in your household? Good luck to your mommy life!

    I have been a long time user of different Joy Dishwashing Liquid varieties,