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    Joelle Clothing PH, Proudly Made in the Philippines

    If you are looking for an online shop that offers a variety of women’s clothing for everyday casual blouses, office wear, and chic dresses, you gotta check Joelle Clothing PH. All proudly made in the Philippines.

    I was never a fan of formal tops especially those made with 3/4 sleeves. Besides my on-the-go outfit these days have only been exclusive to t-shirts and pieces of denim unless otherwise, I need to attend events like weddings and formal gatherings. In that case, I always opt to wear black dresses to keep a simple yet elegant look.

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    How to Set-Up a Customer-Friendly Team for Your E-Commerce Store

    So, you’ve got all the goods to build a successful e-commerce shop, right? Great products? Check. Awesome website? Of course. Social media integration plans that’ll put your website on the map? You better believe it.

    How about a customer service team that’ll blow every other customer service team out of the water? If you don’t have this, you’re missing a vital ingredient to creating the most successful online shop possible. Why you ask? Because without a customer-friendly team that’s knowledgeable, helpful, creative, and flexible, you’re not going to be able to adequately deal with your consumers’ needs. When you’re running an online shop, it’s different. Someone can’t just walk in and ask a bunch of questions, try stuff on, or get an employee’s in-person opinion, that’s why an awesome customer service team for your online shop is going to be hugely vital. You need to give shoppers that experience but over the internet.