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    Uni-Pak Sardines Pasta + Giveaway

    My girls love pasta to bits! That is why I do not just settle for one recipe and continue to explore whenever there’s a chance. Fortunately, I got to try the first dibs of Uni-Pak’s new variants just in time when we were so hungry and tired from a long travel.

    Here’s what I cooked earlier and named it, UNI-PAK SARDINES PASTA.


    3-4 cloves of garlic
    1 whole small red onion
    400g Spaghetti Noodles
    2 tins of Mackerel in Natural Oil
    1 club can of Sardines in Soya Oil
    1 club can of Sardines in Spanish Style for toppings
    Dried basil leaves
    Dried rosemary leaves
    Salt & Pepper to taste

    Serves 6-8

    Of course, I am very much willing to share with you my recipe. Please watch the video below:

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    Please Subscribe To My Daughters’ YouTube Channels

    Can’t blame them. They got it from me. Been blogging for a decade now and it’s expected that one of the girls would do the same, too. Well, um, in that case, both of them are actually doing it already but through vlogging. My eldest is more on the technical and behind the scene sides while the younger one is the one who actually does the vlogging, but the majority were her big sister’s idea.

    So if you have time, please let’s make them happy by subscribing to their YouTube channels. Leave them some love and turn the bells on to get notified each time they post videos, pretty please….