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    My Online Journey on Personal Branding

    It all started as an online pregnancy journal back in 2005, that later on converted to a working blog www.mitchteryosa.com. It wasn’t an easy online journey though. All I knew was how to publish a post. I didn’t even know how to tweak a site that made me switch to different free themes available on WordPress every once in a while. I really didn’t mind. I was hungry for the earnings that this blog has been bringing in to my PayPal account

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    Please Subscribe To My Daughters’ YouTube Channels

    Can’t blame them. They got it from me. Been blogging for a decade now and it’s expected that one of the girls would do the same, too. Well, um, in that case, both of them are actually doing it already but through vlogging. My eldest is more on the technical and behind the scene sides while the younger one is the one who actually does the vlogging, but the majority were her big sister’s idea.

    So if you have time, please let’s make them happy by subscribing to their YouTube channels. Leave them some love and turn the bells on to get notified each time they post videos, pretty please….


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    How To Get Paid Faster via PayPal.Me

    I have been a PayPal user since the day I monetized this blog. Sure there are other online payment methods available these days like Payoneer but I just feel more comfortable with PayPal, and decided to stick with it. Besides, my current Employer pays via PayPal, too! If you receive payments via PayPal on a regular basis, it could get annoying when the Sender asks for your PayPal email address. Admit it, sometimes you get mixed up with your own email accounts so it’s always better to have an option on how to get paid faster with no mistakes.

    You can now get paid with the click of a link. No idea? Here’s how. Just click this LINK. Make sure you are logged in.

    grab your link

    In my case, I already had mine set up, so it will obviously show this message

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    How to Turn Your DIY Habit into a Marketable Enterprise

    The Do-It-Yourself and Fix-It cultures have become entire industries on their own. People can not only find online fame from doing what they love, they can even turn it into an income. Turning your DIY habit into a marketable enterprise, however, requires a bit of foresight, and work, but it can be done.

    Each DIY artist is unique, and you can either sell your creations, or you can make money from tutorials. There are so many ways for you to either make a second income, or to make it big by following this guide