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    Basic Steps on How to Start a Blog


    Starting a blog is easy but getting it established can take a while. I officially started blogging on its own domain in 2007 but I had been on free-hosted blog for quite a while before I finally decided to get it hosted on its own domain, and monetized it. Here are the basic steps on how you can start:

    (1) Choose your preferred blog platform. Choosing a platform where you want to build your blog is of course the first thing you need to do and have decided on. I assume you’ve already heard about WordPress and Blogger. The platform I am using is WordPress and I would say it is the most well-known platform worldwide.

    It is user-friendly. You don’t have to be an expert to get it working especially that everything can now be searched online. There are tons of free themes available, and almost all the plugins that you need are also free to use.

    (2) Decide whether you want it self-hosted or free-hosted. In a free-hosted blog, you won’t be able to get your preferred domain name e.g. www.mitchteryosa.com. However, in some cases, you can get www.mitchteryosa.wordpress.com for example, if it’s still available. Still, it doesn’t look personalized at all and if you plan to get it monetized, chances are very low as most of the advertisers prefer a self-hosted blog. There were cases that blog sites were suspended due to some issues, and simply because you do not own your blog. You can check www.godaddy.com for the domain names and hosting, or search on Google some other hosts that charge cheaper.

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    Flatlay Photography Tips

    If you have been on in Instagram regularly or even just a lurker, you probably know and noticed what flatlay means/is. According to Weekend Notes, “flatlay is a picture of items or things taken from the top so as to give an impression of them laying flat on the ground.” I’ve seen a lot of photos taken this way on Instagram and mostly are make-ups, and their outfits for the day.

    Being always curious that I am, I tried a couple and found it enjoyably challenging.

    With just three (3) items to lay on your background, it’s easier but when I tried doing it with more than three (3) items, I had to do and rearranged them a couple of times till it looked better, at least for me. 

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    Make-up Storage/Organizer

    It’s such a beauty seeing your stuff organized and in place. Well, I’ve always been organized with my make-ups but I used to keep them in pouches, and in a remote control organizer that I purchased from Japan Homes. They’re nice to look at but when it’s time to use them, it’s a struggle to find one as I need to dig carefully.

    Got lucky when I learned that my cousin, Mauilyn, sells this organizer online. Just perfect! No need to pay for the shipping fee! But got luckier when my brother ordered and paid these for me. (Been meaning to buy at least one but I always think it’s not a priority and besides they survived in pouches for years now haha!). He actually preferred the bigger round organizer but I insisted on getting the one with drawers, and buy two instead since the bigger one pretty much costs the same if I get two square ones. I’m such a wise buyer eh? 

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    Tutorial: Wound Make-up best for Halloween

    It’s that time of the year when I get myself ready for my girls’ participation in the Halloween Costume Contest in our village. This year, my eldest daughter belongs to the Scary Category which made me researched and practiced on how to do a wound make-up by using some of the baking ingredients I already have in the kitchen.

    For the wound make-up, you will need:
    Toilet paper
    Sponge applicator or Small make-up brush (In this case, I used both)
    Cotton buds
    Fake blood
    Liquid foundation that matches your skin

    For the fake blood, you will need:
    2 tbsp. Corn syrup
    4 drops of red food coloring
    1 tsp. cocoa powder