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Cetaphil for my 3 year old

After the Leptospirosis outbreak in Olongapo, I’ve gotten more worried when my bunso, Ishi, had several asthma attacks again. Call me paranoid but who wouldn’t be. After what my hometown had been through, there’s a possibility that the bacteria is still very much in our area. During that period, the medicines for this disease were no longer available in the drugstores as if you are buying saxophone for beginners at wwbw.

The what ifs and the paranoia kills me. Just like when she just had the first asthma attack, I tried everything I could. Since my eldest, Deye, switched to Sutla Kiddie Teen Soap, I had to think of something that my youngest could also have. I know that Cetaphil is best recommended for children with sensitive skin, I thought of letting her use the cleanser that I had in my cabinet for months now. That’s actually bribing her so that she won’t insist using what her Ate Deye is using now.

Two days later after she used it, I noticed a very minimal attack at night. Since that day, goodbye to the baby body wash that she had been using since birth. She’s now a certified Cetaphil user! Costly but never mind. For as long as she’s at her best shape.

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