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We went to see Erchee’s Pedia this afternoon for her vaccine and monthly check-up. I also decided to transfer Ate Deye to the same doctor for convenience. Besides, Erchee’s Pedia is more reliable and can be contacted anytime. She explains everything well and entertains questions gladly.

Since Deye’s got cold and cough, I thought it’s the best time to also bring her record for her to see and scheduled booster for August.

While waiting for the doctor to arrive, I glanced at the weighing scale and weighed myself hahaha! Here’s our weight watch list:

Erchee’s weight: from 3.4 to 3.9 kgs.
Ate Deye’s weight: 15.9 to 16kgs.
Mama’s weight: 60 to 61kgs.

For the girls, figures look good to me but the last one? Ouch! In one month, I gained another kilo. Parang sanggol lang LOL! Anyway, it’s still okay. That only means I’m happy and well provided aight?

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