It’s tough to make a decision between continuing a career and staying at home when a child is born. There are lots of guilt issues to deal with no matter which choice was made, not to mention the financial roller coaster a family rides with the birth of a baby. Especially, considering the love and joy a child brings into a home, a mother would usually rather stay and play with them instead of going to work.

Why choose when you can do both? Fortunately, there can be balance between family and career. Many employers these days offer home-based jobs with flex time or shared job options. These types of jobs can keep a mother working, offering a big boost to the family’s income and eliminating the guilt from not bringing in any of the household money. Another bonus is that moms still get to spend quite a bit of quality time with their kids, teaching them, loving them, and growing with them.

If these options are not for you, there are still others avenues to consider for keeping a healthy life-work balance. A larger number of mothers are figuring out ways to stay at home and work at the same time. They are finding work-at-home jobs or creating their own positions. Some are starting online businesses while others are working for someone else who has creative job options for mothers with children.

Working does not have to keep a mother away from her baby. A nice balance between the two can be accomplished. This will leave enough money in the bank to buy diaper bags, handbags, or to whatever other needs that may arise, and still let the mother-baby bond continue to grow stronger. Although, these options do not always work for everyone, they do offer a starting point, if nothing else, in learning how to balance it all out when a new baby arrives.

Mitch Carvalho

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