Choosing Godparents

In the past Christening events I have witnessed, what really surprised me was the number of Godparents chosen for each child. Some even had 12 pairs and above and I was like “Huh? Uso na yung ganun?” Some explained to me majority of them were friends or at least half of them presented themselves to be one of the Godparents. Okay, I understand. Sometimes it’s just not nice to say no so when these things happen you don’t have a choice but to say yes.

In ate’s case, since she was baptized abroad, we had only 2 pairs for her. My bestfriend-my brother, and a couple of friends in Bahrain. Besides, I only want the people whom I know personally and close to us, so when the time comes that she needed guidance aside from us, her parents, she can certainly go to them and approach them. For me, I still strongly believe that Godparents are the second set of parents of our kids. Not just a display or someone to sign on the baptismal certificate or worst someone who can afford to buy expensive gifts for them.

This time, for bunso, we I had chosen 4 pairs, half of them are cousins and the other half are close friends. At least I know where to find them. Unlike my Godparents whom I haven’t seen for ages, I don’t even have an idea how the others look like. Oh! I almost forgot, my brother will also be my bunso’s ninong. Note : I only have one brother, so yes, both my kids are his Godchildren teehee!

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