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Christmas in our home

Yes, what you see below is for real! It’s already Christmas in our home.

Christmas decors

But no Christmas tree this year for two reasons:

(1) I have a 21 month old active daughter who has actually broke 2 Christmas balls already while I was putting the Christmas decors up.

(2) Last year, right after Christmas, I kept the Christmas tree and decors in the storage downstairs. It is actually just a structure for another apartment that my Uncle has already started. Unfortunately, some starving termites attacked my decors and there’s no way we could still use them. I bought it last year out of my blog earnings, and for that I am not buying a tree this time.

    But…. there’s no way I’d let Christmas pass without having our home decorated with ornaments at least so I bought a garland and decorated them with poinsettias and ball and another set of bigger poinsettias for my vases. I need  another set for the other vase though. I accidentally picked the ones that come in a bunch and not the loose ones. I thought I could just divide the flowers in two sets and put in both my vases.

    Then I wrapped the remaining piece, actually a scrap from the garland around my candle display and had the extra poinsettia stuck in front.


    The curtains and table runner that you see are last year’s. That’s the advantage of having a Christmas set of curtains, they don’t fade fast coz you only use them once a year LOL!

    After we’re done decorating the house this evening, Deye asked me “Mama, why are we doing this? Is it Christmas yet?” I said “Yes”, “But how come I haven’t seen Santa Claus yet?”, she says. It’s because you haven’t been good lately, I explained to her and in fact a good excuse for her to make up with her tantrums in the past days.

    I guess she won’t get tired of asking questions so she goes “Eh what about Christmas songs, yung with Jingle jingle?” Okay, tomorrow, we will play them on.

    End of discussion. Hahaha!

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