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Christmas Won’t Be The Same Without Shopping ;-)

When I was watching the morning news today, one of the newscasters mentioned “only 40 days left before Christmas”. Whaaaat? Did I hear it right? Took my desk calendar and counted the days from today. Oh my God!!! She’s not lying! And guess what’s that oh my God for? I haven’t done any Christmas shopping for my family yet including my daughter’s.

Anyway, just the other night while I was sorting the Parenting magazines I have at home, it’s mentioned in one of the pages that Zappos and Old Navy have newly arrived items for kids! And the best part, they offer coupons. So I visited their sites a while ago and found some interesting items within my budget. And with the coupons from, shopping galore is possible.

Enough! I have to make a move and start with my shopping before it’s too late! You know…. Christmas won’t be the same without it…

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