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Cold Attack

Right after my daughter, it was me who got attacked by colds. I’ve not slept well for the past days {these include the days when my daughter was sick}. I’ve taken Neozep for the past 2 days but it seems like it doesn’t work well for me. My cousin advised me to take Nasathera instead. I, then asked my brother to get some for me last night. It only costs P4 per capsule and it does work for me. It helps me release the phlegm that bothers me.

I’m still not well…. but good enough to update my blogs without my runny nose annoying me.

By the way, there’s another home remedy for colds that I’d like to share with you, it was my husband who taught me this. Please click here and find out.

Update : My nephew Aikhel is now better. His platelet has now normalized to 150. Thank God and to those who have prayed for his recovery! After 4 bags of platelet transfused to him, he’s now better, a lot better…. Hope he gets well very soon.

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