Contrary to what others think, that coloring is just for kids, well you are definitely wrong. Even adults can do it and in fact get health benefits from it.

Back in the 20th century, coloring is said to be a therapy method which some of us has just rediscovered. It says that coloring nourishes our brain areas that are associated with motor skills and creativeness. It can also control our emotions, taking our minds off our problems which results to feeling more relaxed and at ease.

On my first attempt (with an android app that lets you color by filling the white areas of a Mandala on my phone), I was not convinced but as I went along, I suddenly felt the courage to continue until I saw the final result. Though, I can confess right now that coloring is not for me, I can still vouch to agree that the above information are true and correct. I find myself more fit to draw and not color which works out the same actually. And whenever I feel the need to de-stress more, I color my own drawings and gain benefits from it – satisfaction and the feeling of courage that despite my age (where most one’s life begins teehee!), I can still do what our youngsters can do.

Below image is just one of my drawings which I named “Owl be yours forever”.

Owl Be Yours Forever

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