Common Cold Attacked

Weather has changed since the last 2 days. AC’s off all day, all night. Common cold attacked Bahrain already! *sigh* And my daughter got it!

I’m very particular in giving my daughter medicines, as she had a history of very bad skin allergies. Though it wasn’t due to the medicines that she was taking, I just thought that it’s always better to be extra careful. I don’t just buy recommended medicines over the counter not unless it’s prescribed by her Paediatrician. Right now, she’s okay with Dimetapp Elixir. 3ml every 8 hours or 3x a day.

Aside from giving her the proper medication, I also apply Vick’s Vaporub on her chest, back, neck and sole. Yup, sole. Find out how > here. It’s 100% effective. I’ve tried it myself and believe me I really had a goodnight sleep.

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  1. nakarating din pala dyan si cold. hope deye gets well soon. i know how it is to have a sick baby. will try on schenker tonight pala the vicks…

    Oo nga eh. She’s okay naman kahit may sipon, thank God! Musta naman kids mo? Better?


  2. I tried that Vicks vaporub on the sole remedy, ang galing nga. Even my kids love it. Kahit wala silang sakit they ask for Vicks and socks. I guess they like their feet warm 🙂

    Galing no? Elibs din ako nun eh! Si Deye naman basta nakita na nyang hawak ko ang Vick’s, itataas na nya agad ang paa nya hahaha!


  3. I hope Deye gets better. 🙂

    I’ve tried Vicks vaporub too, ang galing talaga, sarap ng tulog ng baby ko kahit may sipon.

    BTW, haven’t you heard of the product recall on Dimetapp sa US? I hope it’s not the same as what Deye’s using there coz there were reports on the negative side effects of Dimetapp. even here in Pinas, nagpapa recall na din yata.

    She’s better di na runny nose.

    Hala! Di ko alam yang Dimetapp na yan. Dimetapp ELIXIR ang gamit nya eh, yung spoon ang nakadrawing sa kahon.


  4. yikes, ako ngang adult, halos tanggalin ko na ilong ko pag ganyan, how much more kung c deye. hope she’s all well now! galeng nga ng vicks. one technique too is try to put some of it sa basin with warm water? then try to let her inhale the steam. got that technique from my uncle. =)

    That’s what I used to do, pero kung sa bata masyadong matapang pa yun. Try mo yang method na yan mabibilib ka!


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