What is the exciting thing that comes after buying your own house? Yep, it’s shopping! It’s now time to fill in your house with items that will officially brand it as your home. But, don’t get too carried away with the shopping. You wouldn’t want your freshly bought townhouse filled with random items, right? If you’re confused as to what NOT to buy, worry no more! We present to you these items that you may want to ask yourself, “Do I really need these?”

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Special surface cleaning agent Is it necessary to use 5 different cleaning agents just to make the kitchen squeaky clean? Even just one should be enough. You can even be creative and use natural ingredients in your pantry like lemon and vinegar to clean and sanitize.

Special knife set Sure, it’s nice to pattern your kitchen from those cooking shows with a professional chef. But, do you need 20 knives in your kitchen? For items like these, quality should be considered over quantity. The idea is to only have several various pieces that will last for years. 

Free travel-sized toiletries Let’s admit it, we always get these (and sometimes even ask for extras) from the hotels we stayed at. These tiny personal effects will just pile up and expire since they’re only supposed to be used for “trips.”

All kinds of “Makers” These days, there seems to be a specific kitchen appliance for each food variant. Before there was just the stove, oven, bread toaster, and coffee brewer; now there’s a sandwich maker, pizza maker, waffle maker, and even popcorn maker. Weren’t home-made popcorns usually cooked in a pot?
If you buy all these “makers” that are on the market, you will surely lose plenty of counter space. The truth is they won’t even be used every day!

Old magazines Are you really going to read those issues again? Those celebrities featured in showbiz magazines are probably out of the limelight already. Outfits in that fashion magazine are terribly outdated.
It’s pointless to hold on to magazines that have been published years ago. Chances are, the contents are no longer even relevant anymore.

Old Packaging Do you still have the box of your first phone? Or the box of that makeup palette that you got last Christmas? You might want to consider tossing that since you’re very likely to buy a couple more in the incoming years. Besides, you can’t even use these as a decorative piece in your new townhouse.

Old Christmas décor We get that you’d want to keep that 4-foot reindeer statue because it has been with you for decades. But if it’s visibly falling apart and can’t be repaired anymore, you’d be wise to throw it away. If you’re having a hard time on this one, keep in mind that disposing of items can provide space for things that you need more.

Key Takeaway Before you make a purchase, ask yourself “How often will I use this?” If it’s probably going to be used seasonally (or never), then maybe you can skip it. Remember this when shopping, “If I can do my normal tasks without it, I don’t need to buy it.” Items with sentimental value have a special place in our hearts. But, these also occupy space in our home. Disposing of the item will not wipe your memory with it.

In today’s economy, every centavo counts. So, you better make sure that every item you buy is worth spending for. Now, you can start a clutter-free life in your newly acquired townhouse.

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