Communication can be the most rewarding experience for both parent and a child. The moment my eldest called out “Mama!”, brought me to cloud 9. That feeling doubled when my 2 y/o reached the same stage where she wouldn’t stop talking the moment you ask her a question.

I could say that at her age, she speaks well already, expressing what she wants to say. There were just some of the conversations I had with her recently:

Ishi: Mama, bili ka pizza!
Me: *Surprised* Whaaaaaat?
Ishi: Pease…. (Please….)

Few days later, my brother bought pizza and we had it at home. The moment she saw the box of pizza, she jumped for joy saying “Yeyyyyyyyy, pizza!!”

Yesterday, it suddenly rained and she realized that Ate Rose, my kids’ nanny went out to market and she exclaimed “Hala! Ulan na! Abot ulan ti Ate Los! Kawawa!”

Imagine a 2 y/o caring and worrying for her nanny. Such a sweetheart! What’s the secret? Nothing special. I just talk to my kids the way I talk to people my age, but of course on a lighter level.


Mitch Carvalho

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