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Completing 5 Years

Hubby and I are completing our 5th year married life next month, on November 4 to be exact. Time flies real fast! Seems like yesterday when we were day dreaming about having our honeymoon in a resort similar to what we saw online. I hardly remember what it was, something like Myrtle Beach Resort, or Myrtle Beach Resorts or was it Myrtle Beach Hotels?

Ah! It doesn’t really matter! Despite the fact that we didn’t have that kind of atmosphere during our honeymoon, what’s important is we continued and still are loving and trusting each other as what vowed in front of our Lord God 5 years ago.

Our love had grown over the past years. All in all, we’ve been together for 10 years and in fact had doubled or even tripled what we’ve had from the start. With the newest addition to our family coming very soon, I hope that everything would go well in the next months and years…

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