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Confessions Of A Woman Snacking At 12Mid

Eating is just one of my favorite things to do. A person who does not know me yet will never believe that I could finish 2 cups of rice at each meal. That I drink Coke everyday, unless my UTI attacks. That despite of these habits, I only weigh 50 kgs. And I am talking about post-pregnancy weight here. A lot of friends think I am lucky. They would always tell me that I am lucky that I could enjoy a slice of choco mousse cake whenever I want to, without enrolling myself and attending into an aerobic class everyday. Sometimes I want to believe them. But honestly I want to gain a little, just a little.

I still remember this myth that was going around our family. I was born thin. I don’t remember having those chubby cheeks. What I remember most was a thin little girl with a very long hair. Relatives would often tell my mom that she should take me to a salon and have my hair cut, coz they strongly believe that the nutritions that my body was supposed to take all goes to my hair. I did. In short, I had a new look with hopes – that one day, very soon, they’ll find me having those rosy chubby cheeks. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

But they didn’t lose hope. LOL! They said that when a girl gets her period, that’s the time that she would bloom. And that statement included their hopes – that one day, very soon, they’ll find me having those rosy chubby cheeks, firm arms and legs, and a blooming young lady. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. My mom who was desperate at that time, decided to supply me with a tin of sterilized milk and 2 pieces of balot – EVERYDAY. Again, nothing happened.

Their last hope? After I give birth. Hahahaha! Go figure! I would suggest that you dig all the post-preggy photos that could be found here in my blog. :p

And to tell you the truth, friends who know me very well would tell you that the statement I said in the beginning of this entry was TRUE. In fact, I was snacking at 12mid. Here’s the proof:

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  • arlene

    sis, junkfoods won’t make us gain weight. it would make us more thin coz we get sick. merong milk ad in tv now for weight gain. try it. if balut and milk didnt work for u before, then try lots of healthy carbs. try snacking on carbo too (healthy) like puto, kotchinta, bibingka, bread with butter, fruit juices (pure) and lots of sleep when u can.

    haiiiiii sana pwede lang ako maka share sa iyo ng excess ko. para at least patas tayo.

    Well, di lang naman junk foods yun. And whenever I eat junks, may kasabay na Coke hehe! Anyway, kung pwede lang nga manghingi, di na ako lalayo papuntang Iligan hahaha! Dito lang sa amin madami na. :p


  • julie

    Galing yan sa tindahan nyo ano? Hehehe…

    Ay, galing naman! Malay mo sa pangalawang baby, tumaba ka na. I think the saying “A minute on your lips a lifetime on your hips” is very very apt to me. Waaah! I love Coke and chocolates pa! Hubby likes snacking late at night too which he asks me to join. Hala lafang, kesehodang tumaba, eh mataba na nga eh 🙂

    Uy binili ko yan ah! Kasi isang balot yan hahaha!

    Magkakasundo pala tayong tatlo!


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