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Cont’d : Deye In School

She did well and got stars on her hand.

-When she’s asked of her name she would say Derelle Francella Cortez Carvalho so quickly that the teacher couldn’t comprehend.

-When the whole class was asked on what songs do they know, she immediately answered out loud Twinkle and Baba Black Sheep. Since she was the one who actively answered, her teacher asked her for the last time, what else do you know and she answered “Santino!!!!” LOL!

-They were asked to write their name on a paper with a big crayon, and she did her first name. Then came next the different shapes copied from the blackboard. Then maybe she realized I did so many things well already but how come teacher didn’t give me stars yet. So she asked the teacher “You know teacher, my other teacher will give me stars later!!!

-While she was drawing the shapes, she was nicely talking to her teacher that she eats vegetables coz she wanted to grow fast and wear mama’s bra hahaha!

I went with her yesterday to school, but today I had to be in the office mom went with her alone instead. Mom was telling me that she wasn’t listening to the teacher while lecturing coz she was busy talking to her seatmate.

Then they were asked to make a turtle paper mache but she wouldn’t do it coz the glue is so sticky! She’s so vain haha!

So far I could say she’s doing well in school for the first two days. But she’s not really interested in motor skills. She’s more fond of academic activities like reading and writing. And whenever I wake her up early in the morning, she would always say “again go to school?” haha!

Too bad my camera didn’t cooperate with me, all the while I thought they were captured but when I checked the memory card, there was no single photo in there. *sigh*

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