NOTW: Cracked Nails Midnight Blue on Satin White

I just thought I needed a revamp after my hospitalization. To start off with, I had my nails done a day before I went back to work. Just in time, the lady who does my nails bought 3 colors of cracked nail polish: midnight blue, brown and green. I chose the first one as it looked almost black.

Cracked nails

I so loved how it actually turned out! It didn’t look like just cracked nails. My nails looked like they went through some nail art.

Cracked nails

I’d surely try different colors next time. Or maybe some Squier Guitars design? Just a thought.

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  1. Hi Mich!

    I had the same impression of cracked nails. Looks like you needed to get your nails re-done.

    But with this, I loved the result! My manicurist said that she bought that from Quiapo lang hehe!


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