Having children is a blessing, but they take up so much space in storage and mess inside the house that it should be the priority of any parent to make a secure outside space for them. Parents and children can have some fantastic bonding time in the garden: from planting flower bulbs to painting murals on the fencing.

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You want to be able to enjoy your garden and make it as safe as possible. It’s far easier to relax outside if you have accounted for potential hazards and when you plan your garden, you should keep your little ones in mind always. Making your garden child-friendly doesn’t have to be hard, and with the creative ideas below, your garden can be the safe haven you’ve always dreamed of for the whole family. 

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Lawn. When you think of the lawn in your garden, you might envision a space that is beautifully mown and looks luxurious. Children can turn the most beautiful lawn into a slurry of mud pies and an architectural site that could rival the digging sites in Egypt (isn’t imagination great?!). Keeping a lawn looking lovely should be a priority, so why not replace yours with artificial grass? No more slipping on soggy grass, which makes it the perfect space to play: and no upkeep – bonus!

Patio Cover. The sunshine is something to worship, sure, but your children are more sensitive to the sunshine than you are. Find out more about installing a patio cover in the garden, so that you can keep the sun off their backs and give them a safe shade for them to play. Stash sand pits and the pool under the patio for maximum safe play time.

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Fencing. The perimeter of your garden should be completely safe; this means your fencing must be of the highest quality. You need to protect the kids from wandering off into the road or neighbour’s gardens. Ensure that the gates of the fence are also padlocked shut so they can’t just head out. Safety is paramount for unlimited playtime in the garden.

Pond. Water features in the garden are lovely but if you are planning on investing in a Koi pond, you also need to invest in a pond cover like this one. The pond isn’t going to be very deep, but did you know that a child could drown in water of just an inch? It’s just not worth the risk. You can get netting or metal grids to cover the surface of the pond and make your water feature as safe as possible.

Tools. Avid gardeners among you will have an array of tools to keep the garden in good order, but children and garden tools tend not to mix well. Invest in a tool shed like this one and make sure you lock them up after each use. Invest in a tool shed like this one and make sure you lock them up after each use.

Children need a safe outdoor space to explore and stretch their legs. Sometimes, the park isn’t a possibility, so you need to get creative with the space that you have.  

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