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Dada Wants One More

Yay! Dada wants one more! Yes, one more baby! :p

I still remember saying to him “Mahal, I want 4 kids”. He was kinda “What? 4 kids? I only want 1 daughter, she’ll be my princess blah blah blah!”

After having Deye, nabaligtad na ang lahat hahaha! One is enough for me and he wants one more. Just the other night before going to bed, we were discussing about Deye wanting playmates. Makikita mo talaga yung excitement sa mukha nya when she sees kids at home.

So I asked him, do you really want one more? He said yeah, I want a son this time. Nanlaki ang mata ko and replied what if we won’t have a boy? He teased me with his reply and smiled “then we’ll see…”

Medyo takot ako kasi nasa family namin ang “twins”. My mom has two sisters and both had twins. Mommy ko lang ang wala kaya sabi nila baka sa akin mapunta.

Di naman sa tumatanggi ako sa grasya dahil madaming gustong magkaanak, pero baka kasi di naman kayanin, mahirap na ang buhay eh! Kesa naman mga bata ang maapektuhan.

Anyway, back to having one more baby… I told him okay 4 years from now. Hehehe! He just kept quiet! Sila kaya ang magbuntis at manganak, hmp!!!

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  • feng

    haha. i think most fathers are like that. they want a baby boy still.:)i posted an entry sometime last feb/march ata re: planning the gender of a baby using the chinese calendar, you might want to check it out.

    seriously, having another addition to the family is a very tough decision for couples, simply because they’re both considering it’s effect to the first born. second to that is financials and the dilemma/worry that the parents cannot give the same attention as they did to the first born.

    God will give you a son in a perfect time. 🙂


  • Mitchteryosa

    Ay talaga? Pero accurate ba ang Chinese Calendar, kasi when I was pregnant, sabi sa calendar I’ll have a baby boy daw. Pero girl naman… Buti na lang kasi we both wanted a baby girl. 😉

    Yun nga eh, una na yung financial saka attention. Yun lang ngang isa pa lang si Deye, may guilt na ako na di ko sya nabibigyan ng enough attention kasi nga more than 10 hours akong wala sa bahay, paano na lang kung dalawa na or more pa?

    Tama ka dyan, if it’s meant to be, in God’s time, we will get it.


  • SexyMom

    most fathers want a son. my eldest son has 2 daughters (4 and 2), a baby boy is due in august. such wonderful blessings!

    me, i have 4 sons and 3 daughters, i call them my 7 blessings.


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