Day 1 : (Serious) Potty Training

She went through this trial back when we were still in Bahrain using the small potty trainer, but failed. Then a friend gave us the one that could be attached to the toilet bowl, again failed. I gave the first one away, and kept the latter one hoping she’d still use it.

When I went to Manila last time, I bought this ducky potty thinking she’d love to use it. I was right, she got excited the moment she saw it and even thought it was some sort of a kiddie ride. So, this morning, we thought we’d give it a try. I explained her that from now on she should sit on her ducky and that will be her little toilet, as how Mama goes to the toilet when I have to make kaka. When she said “opo”, I immediately removed her pajama and diaper.

I waited…. We both waited and at the same time I played some sound of “pushing” and “sssshhhh” so she would try more harder to make kaka and wiwi. After like 15 minutes she screamed with excitement twice, “Mama, kaka fall down!” Wahahahaha!

Glad she made it! It was indeed a success! Our DAY 1, I meant. Weeeeee! I again explained to her that whenever she feels it’s coming, she should tell me or remove her diaper by herself and sit on her ducky. Let’s see how it would go in the next days.

I think our training is just on time, rather, the book that we saw in National Bookstore this afternoon.

I got one for her, hoping it would help her learn fast! 🙂

Mitch Carvalho

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