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Day 3 & 4 : (Serious) Potty Training

Day 3. We failed. I waited if she’d tell me after she woke up. But she didn’t. So I asked her to sit on her potty, but we both waited for like 30 minutes until she told me “ayaw”. So I decided to put her diaper back as how she insisted. After a while, she made “kaka” in her diaper. 🙁

Day 4. For the first time, she skipped. I asked her many times but she didn’t make today.

So I guess, I’ll try Analyse’s advice to remove her diaper during the day time and see what happens….

Side updates:

She’s again cold virus attacked. Since the day we landed, it’s her first time to catch this virus. She started sneezing last night in the party. The venue was airconditioned, while outside was hot.

This morning she told me “Mama, give me cloth pls., Deye sipon coming SOON!” Wahahaha! I laughed out loud. I told her instead “No, anak it’s NOW SHOWING” wahahaha!

Mitch Carvalho


  • Analyse

    bwahaha, i really love your conversations with deye, now showing na pala ha, lol.

    goodluck on potty training. dont push her ha kasi me mga cases yata lalong ayaw tuloy pag pinipilit and they dont do it for days..

    ask her all the time, do you want to go to your potty? or yayain mo, sabay kayo para fun.. makukulitan yan sayo, then sya na mismo ang pupunta hehehe..


  • Mama Mitch

    You were right sis… She doesn’t wanna do it na, waaaah! What do I do now? Wait till she’s ready na lang? During the first days siguro excited kasi sya to sit on the ducky, but now…. she gets bored sitting and waiting there.



  • wena

    Goodluck, mitch. don’t worry matututo din si Deye. iSi Thea, may time na nagsasabi, pero mas madalas hindi hehehe. okey yun advice ni Analyse na tanggalin ang diaper nya during the day. ganyan ginagawa namin ngayon.


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