Dealing with my househelp

I want to believe now that when you show extra care and consideration to anyone, you’d end up being abused. I guess I am currently into this. My less than a month househelp has already shown her real colors. The day I interviewed her, I told her clearly my house rules. No. 1 on the list is I don’t want anybody visiting her frequently especially when I am not around. And she violated that rules on her first week.  Her 2nd son came to our house with the girlfriend and she even entertained them in the house as if they are my most welcomed guests, offered them merienda and even asked to have lunch at home. I was there, but she didn’t even consult me first if it’s okay with me. Me, being considerate, I didn’t say a word.

My jobs requires traveling at times. Two weeks ago, I was sent to Isabela for the 7th Philippine Natl Corn Congress. I was there for a week. Within that same week, it was reported to me that she accepted 3 batches of her visitors on 3 different days. Take note, they spent hours in the house. Honestly, if only it happened when I was there, it’s not a big deal. I understand she also longs for her kids but the fact that she did that when I was not at home is a no no for me. She didn’t even mention that when I got back. So what did it mean then?

Dealing with her really frustrates me a lot that I could already see forehead wrinkles on my face. Anyway, few more days and she’s going to be sacked.

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