I never thought I’d get conscious on how I look when I reached 40. I was never beauty conscious. I was one of those women who could go out and show-off their natural look, without even getting bothered if they put the right lipstick on for the day, or done their brows evenly. But the more I look in the mirror closer, the more I notice the unwanted blemishes and lines that make me feel older than my actual age.

The problem is I don’t know what products I should buy that match my skin tone, and well, age definitely.  I sometimes doubt the ladies-in-charge of each make-up section in the malls because I know they are more particular of the after sales that they should bring in at the end of the day. Apart from the “pasalubongs” that I get from my husband and brother, I have also tried several drugstore-bought make-ups, but was never satisfied. Besides the quality, I also consider the “price tags” that are attached to it. Being the naturally impulsive buyer that I am, I don’t want to end up doing the same with the things that should actually go in my least priority list.

Chancing upon Dear Berry’s products, I find these pretty affordable and safe. Among the many, here are the items that I have written in my wishlist:

Cover Girl BB Primer #2 Natural Beige | Brand: Cosmax Inc | Product Code: DB101

On my idle time, I watch make-up tutorials on YouTube with my daughters. In every tutorial made, a Primer is always present. I don’t think I have ever used such thing. When I put on my make-up, I would go directly to applying foundation after the moisturizer.  If ever I’d go for a Primer, I’d definitely want something that could do magic, and cover my blemishes which this Cover Girl BB Primer #2 does > Cover blemishes with 3 satisfying effects: whitening, wrinkle care and sunscreen. I am more concerned about the wrinkle care because whether I like it or not, lines are slowly occupying my 40 year old face.

Photo Sharp Concealer #1 (Light Beige) | Product Code: DB097

Apart from the blemishes and lines that I’d like to get covered, I just hate seeing my under-eye circles. Worst is, the concealer that I currently have doesn’t seem to work best as expected. I want something that would magically touch my face and perfectly cover unwanted spots naturally. Is it too much to ask? Hahahaha!

Clean To Go | Product Code: DB075

Of course, make-up removal is something that you should not miss doing. At the moment, I only use a mild soap, and water when removing my make-up with a little help from wet wipes. Most of the time, I get a hard time doing it for my eyes so I thought a Make-up Remover must intervene now. Clean To Go is my best choice, as it does not require waiting time. I really want something that is easy to use and can go well with a tissue.

So far, these 3 go in my wish list. Yes, I am a simple mom with simple wishes. Let me first try a few before actually going for the major make-up items.

Mitch Carvalho

A full-time home-based Marketing Manager by day, 24/7 Mom, and a Blogger at any time. I’m 43 and proud. Mom of Derelle & Erchelle, sharing my adventures as I walk through motherhood and having to do most things on my own while my Indian national husband works miles away from home.