You must be wondering who Mitos is in my 2 year old daughter’s life. Every night we say our prayers. I would start by saying “Dear…” and she’d continue…. “Mitos”. Why Mitos? That I don’t know….

Anyway, tonight while she was saying her prayers, she made me laugh… She said everything by herself from the beginning. All I had to tell her was “cmon, say your prayers now…” She went on like this….

Dear Mi-tos,

Tenku chakit en didi en milk en baby en toys. Take care Mama, Dada, en Deye, en Cowie en Barney, en AC. (Thank you for the chocolate, and didi, and milk, and baby, and toys. Take care of Mama, Dada, and Deye, and Cowie (her cow stuffed toy) and Barney and AC). By the way, she literally pronounced those words as how they were written…

And she was looking up our ceiling. I interrupted and asked her who is AC? There, she pointed our fan. It’s actually a wall fan. And she called it an AC as in air-conditioner! Bwahahahaha!

Mitch Carvalho