Derelle’s 2nd Birthday Celebration

Preparation was easy, I just had to go to the market and that’s it! It was my tita, dad’s youngest sister who did all the cooking. A night before, I prepared the BBQ already with 2 of my cousins:

The next day I went to the market to buy fruits and other stuff needed for the day. Picked up the cake and went home to wait for all of them.

To cut the story short, the party went well. Everybody was happy especially my little girl…

Click the above to view the rest of the photos. Enjoy! By the way, her birthday is on the 23rd, just had it earlier coz most of the kids go to school on weekdays.

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  1. wow and sarap ng handa, sis!

    happi bday kay Deye…and hey pansin ko nga…clingy talaga si deye oh….

    ingat, sis!

    Puro tita ko nagluto nyan sarap nga talaga! Washed out nga ang handa eh hehehe!


  2. beeday greetings to deye!!
    (kala ko 22nd cia, hehe)
    she looks so happee i cudnt help but smile back with her grin =)

    23rd po, isang araw pagitan nila ni Alvin. 🙂 Thanks!


  3. Great for me that I found your Blog… I just started with my own Blog, can I reference to this post? I want to write something on similiar topic!


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