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Deye and her violin

That’s Deye showing off her new violin, trying and learning to get a good grip. After meeting with the Pinay Mommies yesterday, I went to buy a violin for her with my friend Iris. Luckily, there was one piece left so I grabbed it, and since it’s a lot cheaper to buy in Manila, the mommy in me decided not to think twice but to take it. Thanks to Sheriff for helping me buy this instrument!

At the age of 4, Deye has already shown the interest in learning how to play the violin. Each time she sees someone play a violin on TV or in school programme, she would feel amazed and get more interested in getting one to play one.

Now that she’s 5, she still has this fondness and eagerness so I thought this is what she really likes. It’s summer and she just graduated from K2, so I guess she deserves a good treat! A treat that she’d always loved to do.

Of course she’s going to have formal violin lessons in the same school where she goes. Her violin lessons will start next week for 20 sessions, 45 minutes 3x a week. So goodluck! I hope she does not get bored and complain!

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