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As usual – her eyes were set on TV last night, she was watching Barney for the nth time. Before the song “Six in a Bed” could even started, she saw the bed and said straight away “Lolo-bah, lolo-bah”. Can you guess the word?

Roll over, roll over” Hahaha!

After that, while I was busy texting my mom, I saw her face leaning the wall like she was playing hide and seek, and she said “tu, ti”. That one was easy to guess, she meant “two, three”. And yup, she was playing hide and seek.

When her babysitter rang the doorbell this morning, I called her name “Deye, come. Auntie is here”. She then ran towards where I was standing and said “taming” hahaha! I wonder why she couldn’t say “coming” when she could say “kaying” as in crying. *wink*

I wish I could tape them all. I’m sure you’ll get some good laughs.

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lolo-bah – roll over
tu, ti – two, three
taming – coming

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  • Analyse

    yay, i didnt get that at once haha.. hay naku, buti pa si deye, dami na alam na words. with louna, still cant figure out what she’s saying hehe.. she says tu ti din, funny hehe..


  • Mitchteryosa

    @ Analyse : At least si Louna magaling ng kumain mag-isa, malinis pa. Si Deye hindi pa, madaldal lang sya talaga hahaha!

    Di nya masabi ang wan, tu ti lang hehe!


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