Deye is losing weight

I’m going paranoid. Ate Deye seem to show a very quick weight loss. Her appetite is back but I sometimes think that it also has something to do with her hair. She’s got a long hair that might be possible taking the nutrition that her body is supposed to be getting.

It may be an old tale or old belief, but seriously I want to believe in it. I used to hear that from my mom and aunties who seriously suggested that I should cut my hair short when I was hair age.

There was even a time when my mom went crazy over feeding me 2 pieces of balot and a small can of sterilized milk just to help me gain weight. Now I am thinking of doing the same thing with my daughter. Wala namang mawawala…

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  1. Healthy hair is from a healthy diet. She’s still growing so weight will fluctuate, especially in girls. I remember seeing pictures when I was little and I was a chubby girl. Then for some reason, I lost all my baby weight. Just wish I was still that skinny size. :/


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