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Last week, I lost my last P20 credit in my cellphone. My daughter happened to send a blank message to my friend who is in Japan. When I saw her clicking and clicking on my CP, I tried taking it back from her, but instead she threw it towards the wall. Huwaaaaaaaaaah!

So I thought, giving her a cellphone would work and she’d never touch mine again! I, then gave her my extra cellphone. An old one. Very old one and it’s dead! She was so happy about it! She would carry it all the time with her around the house and keeps in her bag whenever we go out. Text addict in the making huh?

Anyway, this morning, I saw her taking the cellphone under her pillow. Hahahaha! It’s because, that where I also keep my cellphone at night. 😀 LOL!

Then she told me…..

Deye : Mama, is not working naman eh. Put card here, here…. (showing me the back of the CP)

Me : Why do you need one?

Deye : I send message to Ate Dowee ngaaaaa! Aba galit pa haha!

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