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Big TV!!! I’ll tell you why…

Instead of spending my blog money just like that, I thought I’d buy something out of it. So yesterday, I bought a new second hand 25″ TV from surplus for Php5,400.00 only.

These are the TV units from Japan that were slightly used. They still look new, really. We’ve been using 14″ TV since I came, coz the big one that I bought in 2001 had given up already. Well, actually not totally. It still could be repaired but the technician said that the parts can’t be found here. Instead of spending a lot of money to repair the old one, I thought of getting something better. It has a 1 year warranty service + 6 months free spare parts just in case something goes wrong.

Deye was the first one to watch her favorites, Barney & Mumble. She keeps on saying big tv, big tv hahaha! Then we rented Sam and Toni’s My Big Love. Heehee! In few more weeks, my new DVD will come. I hope. Remember the box that I left in Bahrain? My DVD was there… Then, maybe I’ll apply for a cable. We’ll see…

By the way, that money came from PayU2Blog.

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