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Deye’s first tooth extraction experience

I did not expect my eldest, Deye, to be so brave like how she was this morning! We went to the dentist whom Gayle has recommended this morning. I would like to think that since it was already he 2nd visit to Dra. Santos made the process more comfortable.

Dentist visit

At almost 10am, we were already in the clinic, praying Deye would cooperate and it won’t take long otherwise I will miss my favorite teleseries heehee! But seri0usly, I was praying that she won’t panic.

Her tooth had no cavity and still okay but the permanent one had already came out. She had been complaining of pain since the last month but I thought it was just her imagination until we saw a white spot, sign of a new tooth coming out. I am also guilty of being so busy that I had no time of bringing her to the dentist.

This morning was the day when we had finally agreed, we will had it extracted if it had to. On our way there, I asked her if she was ready in case the dentist will tell us to get it removed. And she was even excited!!

The whole process went well with the help of Dra. Santos, being too friendly with her, and what I love the most about her was her way of handling kids. When it was time to inject the anesthesia, she told her to close her eyes while she pinches her lower lip twice. That if she moves a lot, that would make the pinching 4x. Deye nodded fast as a sign of a good deal.

Tooth extraction

My smart girl told me afterwards “Di ba Mama, it was an injection? Why did she say she pinched my lips?” Haha! Anyway, being the blogger mom that I am, with respect, I asked the dentist if I could take pictures during the extraction, and of course a good shot of the extracted tooth. She then told me I can take it home if I want. So we did!

So far, she is okay and eats normal. I really did not expect her to be so comfortable like this. Knowing Deye, she can be the most crankiest girl when in pain. Oh! I forgot, we had an ice cream treat for both of us after that, well, for the whole household. A pistachio flavored Selecta ice cream teehee!

At this time, she had kept her extracted tooth under her pillow waiting for the tooth fairy haha! Of course, I will never break that “imaginative” moment! I made something which she will discover later tonight.

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